Service Suite

Bridging the gap between your business and our brands, and collaborating with you to achieve your business objectives. Bringing your product to your customers.

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We possess a comprehensive and diversified product portfolio for your business.

With our expertise, we are able to provide advice on which products to incorporate into your existing range that will provide the maximum revenue and corresponding profits for your business.

Our accurate and precise market predictions garner the maximum profits for your business.

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We offer various Credit Facilities* options for businesses who do not possess large capital, reducing the barriers to entry for small and medium enterprises.

*Credit Facilities subject to review and approvals.

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Depending on demand sizes, we are able to customize a wide range of products for you to pick and choose from.

We also offer break-bulk and pick-and-pack services, so that you can tailor your offering of products to your liking.

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We help you to employ the various marketing strategies that are best suited for your business, and at the right time.

In-shop branding and promotion to build awareness of the products you carry is part of our marketing strategy, assisting you in driving optimal sales performance with tangible efforts.

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We conduct product training to help you make purchasing decisions best suited for end-users in your market, facilitating good sell-through.

We give you an insight on what the selling points of every product are, so that you optimise sales generation while capturing your customer’s attention in the most effective ways possible.

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We act as a bridge between end-user enquiries and a wide resource of solutions.

Technical repair work that extends beyond product training is also one of our competencies – we are capable of managing service centre operations that provide end-users with helpful solutions almost immediately.

Our expertise in dealing with the wide variety of products gives us the capabilities in dealing with commonly encountered problems.